LEAD-R The wavetable generator
L E A D - R

LEAD-R is a program for generating complex waveforms and sending them through the MIDI
cable to a sampler which is able to recieve 16 Bit MSDS packages .
It is based on the idea of wavetable synths like PPG and WALDORF WAVE synths.

All you need is just an ATARI computer with a monochrom monitor (SM 124) and a sampler .
If you like to know how LEAD-R can sound like then listen to my works WORXX .
or listen to some demo tracks I made for LEAD-R


LEAD-R is provided in 2 versions

version 1 : Basic version
- without mouse support
- only a TOS runtime
- no desktop acc (no multitasking possible)

Press this button to download the basic version

version 2 : Deluxe version
- with mouse support
- including a runtime version
- including a desktop ACC (multitasking possible)

This Package is available for 40,- Euros